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1986-07-10-01 (Revoked by Order 2010-09-03-02)

The Supreme Court of South Carolina


The judges of the magistrate and municipal courts being a part of the uniform statewide judicial system; and pursuant to the provisions of Article V, Section 4, South Carolina Constitution,

IT IS ORDERED that magistrates and municipal judges shall affix their signatures to the disposition portion of uniform traffic tickets, certifying the accuracy of the disposition of charges brought before them on these charging documents. The signatures may be written by hand, printed, stamped or typewritten. A person designed by the judge may affix the judge's signature to the certificate, provided that person is under direct supervision and control by the judge and not associated with the parties in the case, the signature is affixed in the judge's presence, is exercised only over specific papers, and in the specific manner in which the judge has directly authorized for the particular case.

s/ J. B. Ness                                 
J. B. Ness
Chief Justice

July 10, 1986
Columbia, South Carolina