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South Carolina Circuit Court Fees

I. Filing Fees

$150 Filing Fee Required

New (never previously filed) cases
Cases restored under Rule 40(j), SCRCP

Appeals to Circuit Court from:

Probate Court
Administrative or Regulatory Agencies (e.g., Workers' Compensation cases)
Arbitration Panels
Magistrate Court (civil only)

Cases transferred from Federal Court that have never been filed in the Circuit Court
Forfeiture cases arising out of drug seizures and DUI 4th convictions
Minor Settlements

$100 Filing Fee Required

Foreign judgments

$10 Filing Fee Required

Automobile Arbitration Cases
Lis Pendens (When not accompanied by a Summons and Complaint)
Transcripts of Judgments from Federal & Magistrate’s Court
Confession of Judgment
Certificate of Non-Compliance pursuant to a decision of the Resolution of Fee Disputes Board

$200 Filing Fee Required

Reinstatement of permanently revoked driver's license (§ 56-1-385)

No Filing Fee Required

II. Motion Fees

Please review the September 29, 2016 Court Order and Motion Fee List.