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Chief Justice Jean Hoefer Toal Addresses S.C. Judiciary
at 2010 Annual Judicial Conference

On Thursday, August 19, 2010, Chief Justice Jean Hoefer Toal addressed members of South Carolina's Judiciary at the Annual Judicial Conference.

Justice Toal welcomed Court of Appeals Chief Judge John C. Few. She also recognized the contributions of retiring circuit court judge J. Ernest Kinard, Jr. and family court judge F.P. (Charlie) Segars-Andrews.

Justice Toal welcomed new circuit court judges Frank R. Addy, Jr. and D. Craig Brown, and new family court judges Usha J. Bridges, David G. Guyton, William M. Robertson, Phillip K. Sinclair, Gwendlyne Y. Smalls and Vicki J. Snelgrove.

Justice Toal provided an update on state court funding, the current financial situation, long-term funding for SC's Courts, the Statewide Court Case Management System, the Statewide Solicitor Case Management System, the Family Court Case Management System, the Appellate Case Management System and other technology initiatives underway in SC.

Justice Jean H. Toal
Chief Justice Jean Hoefer Toal Addresses the
South Carolina Judiciary

Photo of Audience - 2010 Judicial Conference
Members of the South Carolina Judiciary Listen to Chief Justice Toal's Address

Her remarks included a discussion of new resources available on the SC Judicial Department's website for self-represented litigants, the Task Force on State Courts and the Elderly and a new federal initiative - iCivics - to assist educators in educating school age children about all 3 branches of government. In addition, Justice Toal provided updates on the Commission on the Profession, the Sentencing Reform Commission and the Code of Judicial Conduct.