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South Carolina Chief Justice Declares November 19 Adoption Day

Four Judges to Hear Adoption Cases; McFaddin to hear 500th Adoption Case

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Nov. 13, 2018) - Supreme Court of South Carolina Chief Justice Donald W. Beatty has authorized four judges to preside over Adoption Day proceedings on Monday, November 19, 2018.

During these special terms of court, cases initiated by the South Carolina Department of Social Services will be heard. Approximately 65 children are scheduled to be adopted into 45 families.

The following judges will hear adoption cases in their respective counties:

  • Anderson County - Family Court Judge Edgar H. Long
  • Charleston County - Family Court Judge Michèle Patrão Forsythe
  • Horry County - Family Court Judge Jan B. Bromell Holmes
  • Sumter County - Circuit Court Judge George M. McFaddin Jr.

In Sumter County, Judge McFaddin will hear his 500th adoption case during the adoption proceedings. McFaddin said presiding over adoption cases is a particularly rewarding aspect of his work as a judge.

"Adoptions provide permanency and stability for children, which are keys to helping them thrive and preparing them for the future,” McFaddin said. “Adoptions are among the most important cases heard in the family courts, and it is right for the judicial branch to make these cases a priority for the benefit of children in South Carolina. Chief Justice Beatty deserves much praise for making adoption days a priority."

Statistics available to the South Carolina Judicial Department indicate 1,745 adoption cases were filed statewide during 2017. As of November 6, 2018, there are approximately 945 pending adoption cases in the state.

In an effort to finalize as many uncontested adoption cases as possible before the end of the year, the judges will also hear cases from neighboring counties during the Nov. 19 proceedings.

In South Carolina, Family Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all adoption proceedings pursuant to S.C. Code Ann. §63-9-40(A).

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