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The Supreme Court of South Carolina

Re: Kershaw County Drug Court



Pursuant to the provisions of S. C. CONST. Art. V, ยง 4,

IT IS ORDERED that, Roderick Todd, is hereby assigned to preside over the Kershaw County Drug Court. Pursuant to this assignment, he may impose sanctions for violations of the conditions of the Drug Court Program. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, public service work, additional treatment, increased drug testing, short-term detention, issuance of a bench warrant, and termination from participation in the Drug Court Program.

This order takes effect April 16, 2018, and remains in effect unless amended or rescinded by the Chief Justice, or termination of Mr. Todd's services.

s/Donald W. Beatty                                   
Donald W. Beatty
Chief Justice of South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina
April 16, 2018