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Re: Probate Court Form Changes


Pursuant to the provisions of S.C. Const. Art. V § 4, and upon recommendation of the Probate Court Judges Advisory Committee,

IT IS ORDERED that the attached list of Four (4) revised and new Probate Court Forms, incorporated by reference and all bearing a revision date of 03/2018, are approved for use in the probate courts, hereby effective immediately.  One (1) of the forms listed (300ES) is mandated.  Mandated forms must include all language as provided on the approved forms. All other uniform probate forms listed are designated as discretionary.   The forms are available on the South Carolina Judicial Department Website at located under the Probate Court Forms link.  The 2018 revised forms supersede all previous versions of these forms.   


s/Donald W. Beatty                     
Donald W. Beatty
Chief Justice of South Carolina  

Columbia, South Carolina
March 23, 2018

South Carolina Probate Court Form Changes

Form Number Revision Date Form Name
Form 151ES 03/2018 Notice of Correction


Form 300ES 03/2018 Application (Informal) / Petition (Formal) for Probate of Will or Appointment (Revised) (Mandatory)
Form 352ES 03/2018 Motion for Extension  (Revised)
Form 365ES 03/2018 Waiver of Statutory Requirements and Beneficiary Receipt / Release (New)