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In re: Amendments to the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules


The South Carolina Bar has proposed amending Rule 410(c)(2), SCACR, to increase the annual license fee for active members by $55. Additionally, because the Legislature has repealed S.C. Code Ann. § 40-5-30, the Bar is no longer required to deposit fees with the State Treasurer. Therefore, the Bar requested that the provision in Rule 410(c)(2) be deleted.

We grant the Bar's request to amend Rule 410(c)(2), SCACR, as set forth in the attachment to this Order. The amendments are effective immediately.


s/Jean H. Toal                                    C.J.

s/James E. Moore                             J.

s/John H. Waller, Jr.                           J.

s/E.C. Burnett, III                                 J.

s/Costa M. Pleicones                        J.

Columbia, South Carolina

July 19, 2007

Rule 410

. . .

(c) Duties and Powers.

. . .

(2) The annual license fee for active members who have been admitted to practice law in this State or any other jurisdiction for three years or more shall be $245.00 plus the amount specified in (3) below. The license fee for all other members shall be in lesser amounts as may be provided for in the Bylaws of the South Carolina Bar plus the amount specified in (3) below. The license fee shall be payable on or before January 1st of each year. All income and assets shall be handled separately by the South Carolina Bar, as prescribed in its Constitution and Bylaws.