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South Carolina Family Court Fees

I. Filing Fees

$150 Filing Fee Required

  • Divorce, Annulment, and Separate Support and Maintenances Actions
  • Support Actions (Child Support, College Expenses, Alimony, and Modification of Child and/or Spousal Support)
  • Child Custody/Visitation Actions
  • Name Change and Correction of Birth Record Actions
  • Domestic and Foreign Adoption Actions
  • Post Dissolution Equitable Distribution Actions
  • Paternity Actions
  • Non-DSS Termination of Parental Rights Actions
$100 Filing Fee Required
  • Registration of Foreign Divorce Decrees (fee waived if custody or support is addressed in the decree)

Filing Fee Not Required

  • DSS Abuse and Neglect Actions
  • Juvenile Delinquency Actions
  • Protection from Domestic Abuse Actions
  • Registration of Foreign Custody Orders
  • Criminal Appeals from Magistrate or Municipal Court [§ 18-21-321(11)]
  • Post Conviction Relief Cases (§ 17-27-20)
  • Petitions by Minors for Judicial Consent for Abortion [§ 44-41-34(B)]
  • Cases restored after being ended in error
  • Cases granted a new trial before appeal to the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals
  • Cases remanded by way of appeal from Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, or Federal Court
  • Change of Venue Cases (from Family Court to Family Court)
  • Satisfaction of Judgment
  • Cases filed accompanied by an order granting a Motion for Leave to Proceed in Forma Pauperis [Rule 3(b)(1), SCRCP].
  • Note: No fee is charged to a defendant or respondent for filing an answer, return or other papers in any civil action or proceeding, in a court of record (§ 8-21-310(12).
  • Registration of Foreign Divorce Decrees addressing support or custody
  • Registration of Foreign Support Orders
  • Cases filed when a party is represented by an attorney working on behalf of or under the auspices of a legal aid society, a legal services or other nonprofit organization, or the South Carolina Pro Bono Program (written certification from the attorney required) pursuant to Rule 3(b)(2), SCRCP.
  • UIFSA Actions

II. Motion Fees

Please review the December 22, 2010 memorandum and Motion Fee List from Chief Justice Toal addressing motion fees and their applicability to determine if motion fees pertain to your filing.