June 27, 1980


TO: Magistrates
FROM: John Patrick, Assistant Director
RE: Disposition of Cases by Orders of the Chief Justice

Please find enclosed a copy of two (2) Orders of the Chief Justice of the S.C. Supreme Court regarding the disposition of cases in magistrate's court. I hope you will find these Orders self-explanatory. (1)

This office under the direction of the Chief Justice, will continue monitoring the disposition and reasons for delay of all criminal cases over sixty (60) days old, particularly First Offense DUI and Reckless Driving cases, and all civil cases over ninety (90) days. We are requesting that all magistrates assure that their courts strictly comply with the Order of the Chief Justice and make every effort to dispose of these cases within the time periods prescribed. Whenever a significant backlog of cases is identified, particularly First Offense DUI and Reckless Driving cases, this office will recommend to the Chief Justice that a term of court for disposition of such cases be scheduled.

An attorney having a scheduling conflict with circuit or family court is one of the principal reasons for delay in the disposition of cases in the magistrate's court. With regards to DUI and Reckless Driving cases pending over sixty (60) days in which there are attorney scheduling conflicts, please contact the circuit or family court judge to make arrangements for the appearance of the attorney in your court.

Should you have questions regarding this matter, please contact this office.

1. A copy of these orders may be found in the ORDERS section of the Bench Book.