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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - June 2012

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

6-6-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-341 - State v. McKnight

2012-UP-342 - State v. Newton

2012-UP-343 - State v. Williams

2012-UP-344 - State v. Moore

2012-UP-345 - State v. Newell

2012-UP-346 - State v. Fuller

2012-UP-347 - State v. Hippenstiel

2012-UP-348 - State v. Harrison

2012-UP-349 - SCDSS v. Katrina J.

2012-UP-350 - State v. Smith

6-13-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-351 - State v. Gilliard

2012-UP-353 - Shehan v. Shehan

2012-UP-354 - Grostick v. Minor

2012-UP-355 - The Estate of George King v. Richland County

2012-UP-356 - State v. Collins

2012-UP-357 - SCDSS v. Marlena A.

2012-UP-358 - SCDSS v. Marlena A.

2012-UP-359 - SCDOR v. American Legion

2012-UP-360 - Giove v. Design to Build

2012-UP-361 - State v. Thomas

2012-UP-362 - State v. Turner

6-20-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-363 - State v. Fishburne

2012-UP-364 - Mitchell v. Mitchell

2012-UP-365 - King v. King

2012-UP-366 - Koosa v. Koosa

2012-UP-367 - W B Holdings v. PZA Properties

2012-UP-368 - Funny v. Tucker

2012-UP-369 - Hughes v. Bank of America

2012-UP-370 - State v. Cross

2012-UP-371 - State v. Smart

2012-UP-372 - Jones v. SCDC

2012-UP-373 - State v. Banegas-Maldonado

2012-UP-374 - Williams v. Force Protection

2012-UP-375 - Barton v. SCDC

2012-UP-376 - In the Interest of Joseph A. C.

2012-UP-377 - Faltas v. Steele

2012-UP-378 - State v. Castro

2012-UP-379 - SCDSS v. Jenny M.

2012-UP-380 - Thomson v. Woods

2012-UP-381 - State v. Watts

2012-UP-382 - State v. Wesley

2012-UP-383 - Fitzjohn v. Player

2012-UP-384 - Gantt v. Thomasson Management

2012-UP-385 - Nandwani v. Queens Inn Motel

2012-UP-386 - State v. Hilliard

6-27-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-302 - Maple v. Hertiage Healthcare of Ridgeway

2012-UP-389 - Ulfers v. Capers

2012-UP-390 - University Motors v. Kimpson

2012-UP-391 - Singleton v. Singleton

2012-UP-392 - Hardwick v. Jones

2012-UP-393 - State v. Horlbeck

2012-UP-394 - Harrison v. Harrison

2012-UP-395 - Lowther v. Lowther

2012-UP-396 - SCDSS v. Mattie B.

2012-UP-692 - Keeter v. Alpine Towers