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The following documents and written statements shall be admissible in evidence without requiring that the persons or institution issuing the documents or statements be present in court:

(a) A written statement of a child's attendance at school, signed by a school principal or duly authorized school official.

(b) The school report card showing a child's records of attendance, grades on subjects taught and other pertinent information, provided that this be a report sent out at periodic intervals by the school.

(c) The written statement by a physician showing that a patient was treated at certain times and the type of ailment.

(d) Except in cases where the particular agency is a party, a written report of the Department of Social Services or other agency, reporting the home investigation or any other report required by the court.

(e) A written statement of an employer showing wages either weekly or monthly for a given period of time and W-2 statement, income tax returns and other reports of like nature.